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IAGP Project Partners

IAGP is a multidisciplinary research project that integrates the physical, engineering and social sciences. The seven IAGP partner institutions are listed below
Piers Forster Principal Investigator University of Leeds
Nick Pidgeon Co-Investigator Cardiff University
Andy Ridgwell Co-Investigator University of Bristol
Richard Darton Co-Investigator University of Oxford
Andrew Jarvis Co-Investigator Lancaster University
Naomi Vaughan Co-Investigator University of East Anglia
Adam Corner Researcher Cardiff University
Karen Parkhill Researcher Cardiff University
Rosaleen McDonnell Project Administrator University of Leeds
Annabel Jenkins Postgraduate Researcher University of Leeds
Rob Bellamy Affiliated Postgraduate Researcher University of East Anglia
Cat Scott Affiliated Postgraduate Researcher University of Leeds
Maia Galarraga Researcher Lancaster University
Ed Pitt Postgraduate Researcher University of Oxford
Olivier Boucher Co-Investigator Met Office
Jim Haywood Co-Investigator Met Office
Sarah Jones Postgraduate Researcher University of Bristol
Julia Crook Research Fellow in Climate Modelling of Geoengineering proposals University of Leeds
David Leedal Researcher Lancaster University
Michelle Felton Researcher University of Bristol
Lawrence Jackson Researcher University of Leeds
Jayne Windeatt Affiliated Postgraduate Researcher University of Leeds

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