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Using climate modelling to assess geoengineering proposals - IAGP Stakeholder Workshop May 2012

On 9th May at The Royal Society in London IAGP hosted a workshop for stakeholders that looked at Using Climate Modelling to assess Geoengineering Proposals. This workshop formed the second part of IAGP's stakeholder engagement and followed on from the initial workshops held in May 2011. 

Members of the Public Deliberate Geoengineering - Press release from Cardiff University

NERC and EPSRC research projects are beginning to answer some of the most important questions about geoengineering....

Press Statement from IAGP researchers at Cardiff University now available.

Cooling effect of sulphur emissions is short-lived

Prof Piers Forster comments in a recent Daily Telegraph article on the masking of CO2-induced global warming by sulphur emissions from power plants in China. "It needs to be emphasised that any masking is short-lived and the increased CO2 from the very same coal will remain in the atmosphere for many decades and dominate the long-term warming.” Read Daily Telegraph article

Planting trees makes for brighter, whiter clouds...

.. so says IAGP Postgraduate Researcher Catherine Scott, who has recently been discussing her research with Planet Earth Online. To listen to the interview and for a full text transcript visit the Planet Earth Online website (at 14 mins).

Piers Forster interviewed by BBC News on cloud whitening

"Climate ‘technical fix’ may yield warming, not cooling" comments IAGP Principal Investigator, Piers Forster. (BBC Online, 06/04/2011).  Whitening clouds by spraying them with seawater, proposed as a ‘technical fix’ for climate change, needs more research before trialling.  Read full article

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