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Dr Andrew Jarvis
Andrew Jarvis is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University. Climate change mitigation strategies rely on predictions from a range of models in order to inform appropriate future courses of action. However, as we all know, we are uncertain about what the future holds and we will probably have to correct any chosen course of action as new information becomes available. We therefore need frameworks that are both predictive and corrective. Andrew Jarvis’s current work explores how feedback control could provide a useful framework for analyzing the hybridization between the predictive and corrective steps of candidate mitigation strategies. He is the world leader on the ‘climate change as control’ research and has recently published a series of papers on climate model emulation (e.g. Jarvis and Li, [2010]). He leads a NERC-funded project on using satellite data to retrieve global fields for components of the surface energy balance (Jarvis et al. submitted ACPD) which has direct bearing on the online monitoring and control of geoengineering.
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